What is CROSS?

What is


Croatian Student Summit – CROSS is international science congress of students and young scientists of biomedical field which has over the last few years found a place as one of the leading students’ congresses in Croatia as well as in the European region.

The project was started by Student council of Medical University in Zagreb in the academic year 2004. /2005. and it involved also Dental, Veterinary and Pharmacy-Biochemistry Universities of Zagreb.

This will be the fifteenth congress in a row which will take place from 9. to 12. April 2019. at the Medical University of Zagreb, Šalata 3, organized by Student council of Medical University in Zagreb. This years topic is: Transplantation Medicine. (This topic is only regarding professors lectures. Topics for poster presentations may differ. For more details about how to register and participate in CROSS-15 visit the page How to participate.)

This year‘s CROSS

Ever since ancient times, man was trying to replace diseased organs and tissues with healthy, but only with the rapid development of technology and medicine in the 20th century, transplantation has become a technique for improving and prolonging human life. Progress in various branches of science has led to a better understanding of the molecular background of many processes in the human body, enabling a better understanding of the transplantation. The development of knowledge in surgery, pharmacology, reanimatology, immunology, transfusion and many other branches of medicine has enabled the perfecting of the transplantation process in entirety. Nowadays, transplantation is an almost common procedure where many cells, such as stem cells or blood cells, tissues like cornea, blood vessels or heart valves and also whole organs like heart, kidneys or liver. Many patients whose diagnosis was incurable a few decades ago now live relativevly normal, with good quality of life thanks to the replacement of the diseased organs or tissue. Also, transplants have to be seen from a legal point of view and there are laws in Croatia that precisely regulate the circumstances in such a procedure. Further development of medicine opens up a wide range of possibilities in the field of transplantation, where many controversial issues are imposed such as human face and head transplants and ethical questions about the moral correctness of moving a tissue from one animal or human to another human. Croatia has been in the world top for the number of transplanted organs for years and we are proud of a large number of world-renowned experts in their fields and therefore we invite you to join us at the 15th CROSS and listen to some of them and extend your knowledge about this very popular topic of today.

What is the goal of this congress?

CROSS is a place for exchanging ideas, spreading information, achieving co-operation and long-term acquaintances. The aim of CROSS is to enable students and young scientists to learn at the very beginning of their carrers and research work the importance and purpose of participating in congresses as part of their further education. Attending CROSS and similar congresses will make their daily work easier by acquiring new knowledge and will enable them to come up with very important acquaintances in life.

CROSS15 / April 9 – 12, 2019