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Croatian Student Summit – CROSS is a congress organized by the Student Council of the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine that has been continuously organized for 16 years in a row. 

The project was started in the academic year 2004./2005. and it also involved Dental, Veterinary and Pharmacy-Biochemistry Schools in the University of Zagreb.

This will be the sixteenth congress in a row which will take place from December 9 to December 12, 2020, at the School of Medicine University of Zagreb, Šalata 3.
This year's topic is Neuroscience. (This topic is only regarding lectures. Topics for poster presentations may differ. For more details about how to register and participate in CROSS 16 visit the page How to participate.)

This year‘s CROSS

In thirteen hundred square centimetres of an average skeletal framework resides the centre of human consciousness and the undisclosed secret of humanity. Once upon a time, back in the antics, the soft mass that fills our skull used to be compared to slag, serving its purpose as no more than a simple blood-cooling pool. 
After the Middle Ages, science made a grand entrance: with the development of sections and anatomy, certain parts of the brain were assigned their functions, the microscope explained microstructure, neurons and glia, and electrophysiology introduced a new, exciting dimension to an organ whose potential now seemed inexhaustible. The discovery of neurotransmitters and central nervous system connections to the periphery raised promising therapeutic questions for a number of health disorders. 
Psychiatry places the brain at the centre of interest, as the science of the soul, seeking to place it within morphological frameworks. The idyllic take-off period soon encountered unexpected obstacles - the discovery of the inability to regenerate neurons, supported by the fact that patients with lost brain functions very rarely recover, and brain transplantation is still impossible today.
With the beginning of the 20th century, linking neuroscience with other branches of medicine and harnessing technical advances has resulted in forging new concepts such as neuroplasticity and neuroimmunology, reintroducing neuroscience into a period of new insights. 
The 21st century has been called the Century of the Mind, with 35% of the European health system's funds spent on brain diseases, and nearly 180 million Europeans affected.
We are proud of a large number of renowned experts in this field and therefore we invite you to join us at CROSS 16, listen to some of them and extend your knowledge about this very popular topic of today.

What is the goal of this congress?

CROSS is a place for exchanging ideas, spreading information, achieving co-operation and long-term acquaintances. The aim of CROSS is to enable students and young scientists to learn at the very beginning of their carrers and research work the importance and purpose of participating in congresses as part of their further education. Attending CROSS and similar congresses will make their daily work easier by acquiring new knowledge and will enable them to come up with very important acquaintances in life.

CROSS16 / December 9 – 12, 2020