Scientific program 30.03.2023.

Dear colleagues, 


we are pleased to announce another one of our excellent lecturers, Domagoj Vidović, MD, PhD, who will give us a lecture titled "Sleep disorders as risk factors for mental disorders". 


For modern man, sleep is a time of recovery, both physical and mental. Given the accelerated pace of today's life and the overload of excess information, we’ve reached a situation where a person is faced with numerous sleep disorders that impair the daily recovery of his psychophysical health. The goal of this lecture is to raise awareness of the benefits of quality sleep as prevention of the development of various psychological disorders.


Domagoj Vidović was born on January 6th, 1976 in Split. He finished elementary school and the Third Mathematical Gymnasium in his hometown, and in 1994 he moved to Zagreb, where he still lives today. In 2000, he graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb and in the same year he was employed at the Vrapče Psychiatry Clinic. In the Clinic, he went through a professional path from an intern doctor to the Deputy Director of the Clinic. He received his PhD at the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb in 2016. He is a subspecialist in biological psychiatry, a certified somnologist, a permanent court expert, and a university master of quality management in healthcare. He is the author of several chapters in books and textbooks, as well as a number of professional and scientific papers, mainly in the field of sleep disorders. For many years he was the treasurer of the Croatian Psychiatric Society, he is the president of the Croatian Apnea Society of the Croatian Medical Association.


Join us at this year's CROSS from the 25th to the 28th of April in Zagreb and find out everything about sleep disorders and their possible consequences on human health. 


Your CROSS team

CROSS 19 / April 9 - 12, 2024.