FAMILY IN THE BATHROOM - Hrvoje Handl, dr. med.

Scientific program 06.04.2023.

Dear friends of CROSS,


while we are slowly counting down the days until the beginning of the congress, we are thrilled to announce our next speaker, Hrvoje Handl, MD, who will introduce us to eating disorders through a lecture called "Family in the bathroom". 


The aim of this lecture is to present psychosomatic energy and emotions behind closed doors using the metaphorical meaning of a large family in the bathroom, within which the psychodynamics of various eating disorders take place.


Hrvoje Handl, MD, was born 57 years ago as a child of a journalist and a doctor in his hometown of FC Dinamo. He finished music school, high school, medical school, acting academy, specialization in psychiatry, subspecialty in psychotherapy, psychoanalytic education...or they finished him as he likes to say. During his career, he hasn't written a lot of papers, but he has lectured a lot because narcissism dictated it to him. Nowadays, he's teaching less often, but he's been the proud head of the wonderful hospital Team for eating disorders called H(rana) for the last nine years. He loves his wife, his children, his friends and The Team. He isn't fond of social media, catchphrases like "OK", emoticons, and plum compote. He is a dedicated follower of observing people and their madness.


Join us in Zagreb soon to gain the best possible insight into eating disorders and the influence of the family on their development. 


Your CROSS team

CROSS 19 / April 9 - 12, 2024.