Social programme - Museum of Illusions

Social program 06.11.2020.

Dear colleagues and young doctors,

What you definitely should not miss while visiting Zagreb are our museums, and we will take you to one of our most popular and fun museums - the Museum of Illusions!

Take a break from the lectures and workshops of CROSS 16 with a world that will shake your senses and along the way teach you something about the sight, perception, the human brain and science!

The Museum of Illusions offers you a unique adventure and an opportunity to understand why your eyes see things that the brain does not understand, all with interactive puzzles and didactic games, as well as rooms where you will question your perception.

We thank the Museum of Illusions for the donation and we look forward to experiencing the magic of the world of illusion with you!

CROSS 19 / April 9 - 12, 2024.