DAY THREE - NEUROPATHOLOGY - "Experimental Models of Neurodegeneration: the STZ story"

Scientific program 02.12.2020.

Dear colleagues and young doctors,

We present to you one of our third day lecturers: Jan Homolak, who will give a lecture titled "Experimental Models of Neurodegeneration: The STZ Story" at CROSS 16.

Jan Homolak is an assistant professor at the Department of Pharmacology, University of Zagreb School of Medicine. His doctoral thesis is based on research regarding the influence of endogenous incretins on metabolic and cognitive changes in models of neurodegeneration. At CROSS 16 he will inform us about the latest research suggesting an association between insulin resistance in the brain and neurodegenerative diseases. This association opens the door for researchers to better understand Alzheimer’s disease, known as type 3 diabetes mellitus, whose etiopathogenesis is still an unknown concept.

See you at this interesting lecture!

CROSS 19 / April 9 - 12, 2024.