DAY FOUR - NEW TECHNOLOGIES - "The Making of the Human Brain: Lessons Learned from Technology"

Scientific program 27.11.2020.

Dear colleagues and young doctors,

We present to you the lecturer of the fourth day - Lana Vasung, who will be giving a lecture titled “The Making of the Human Brain: Lessons Learned from Technology”!

Lana Vasung graduated from the University of Zagreb School of Medicine and continued her doctoral career in the field of neuroscience, focusing on the development of transitional fetal zones during brain development. In Geneva, she continues to work as a clinician, a scientist and a Ralph Schlaeger Fellow. Her narrower area of ā€‹ā€‹interest is the identification of postnatal imaging biomarkers in normal and abnormal fetal brain development using techniques developed by the Computational Radiology Lab at Boston Children's Hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

During her lecture at CROSS 16, she will introduce us to the topic of interpreting data collected during neuroimaging and brain spectroscopy in order to show rapid structural and functional changes during early brain development.

See you at this interesting and innovative lecture!

CROSS16 / December 9 ā€“ 12, 2020