DAY 4 - NEW TECHNOLOGIES - " The past, the present and the future of Deep Brain Stimulation"

Scientific program 19.02.2020.

Dear colleagues and young doctors, 

Day four of CROSS 16 will be dedicated to new tehnologies used for treatment of as well as diagnosing and researching diseases of human nervous system. Lecture about deep brain stimulation will be delivered by Darko Chudy. 

Darko Chudy, MD PhD is an associate professor of Neurosurgery at the Department of Surgery, University of Zagreb School of Medicine. He is also head of Neurosurgery at University Hospital Dubrava. There he has introduced many stereotactic and functional neurosurgery procedures, especially deep brain stimulation in treating patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, dystonia or tremor. Moreover, he uses deep brain stimulation in patients in minimally conscious and vegetative states, which he has described in many papers, book chapters and lectures, and for which his Department is well-known around the whole world. At CROSS16 prof. Chudy will give a talk “The past, the present and the future of Deep Brain Stimulation” in which you will hear about his experiences with this unique procedure.

CROSS 16 Organizing Committee 

CROSS 19 / April 9 - 12, 2024.