Invitation letter

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the fifteenth Croatian Student Summit called "Transplantation Medicine". The Croatian Student Summit or popularly called CROSS is a congress organized by the Students' Council of Medical University in Zagreb and has been continuously organized for the fifteenth year in a row. I would like to point out that CROSS is organized almost entirely by students and as such it presents an exceptional value for faculty as well as the university. Students have the opportunity to take part as passive or active participants at the congress, and even have the option of participating in CROSS in the form of an elective subject, which by itself speaks of the value this event has on our faculty.

This year’s topic of the congress is Transplantation Medicine. Given that Croatian transplantation teams are widely known for their success and Croatia is among the world's leading countries in organ transplantation, we have decided that it is time for CROSS to be dedicated to this extremely demanding and exciting branch of medicine.

This congress represents an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, insights and achievements that can complement and enhance our knowledge and open up some other points of views. Through the lectures of the greatest experts, interesting and educational workshops and quality scientific works, we would like to present to you the enormous opportunities for transplantation medicine in the future. Therefore, I invite you to join us at the Croatian Student Summit 15, which will be held from 09.4.2019. until 12.4.2019. at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb

Marin Boban,
President of the Organizing Committee CROSS 15

CROSS15 / April 9 – 12, 2019