1. Student surgical society

  • Primary wound care workshop
  • Open fractures management and treatment

2. Students' section of cardiology

  • Smart reading and swift publishing of clinical results and research: workshop

3. Student society of neuroscience

  • Basal ganglia - DIY

4. CroMSIC Zagreb, InciSioN Croatia, Student section for public health „Andrija Štampar”

  • The differences between transplantation medicine in Croatia and BiH

5. Student sections – University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine

  • Oral health and autotranplantation

6. CroMSIC

  • Mental health – how to take care?

7. Students' section for promotion of healthy nutrition and lifestyle

  • Clinical case QUIZ

8. Student section for innovations in medicine

  • 3D printing in medicine

9. Student society of dermatovenereology

  • Testing in allergology

10. Student society of voluntary blood donors and transfusion medicine

  • The “Blood Production” Facilities and Donorship

11. Student infectology society

  • Approach to infections in transplanted patients

12. Student society for orthopaedics and traumatology

  • ORTHObasics

CROSS15 / April 9 – 12, 2019