DAY 3 - NEUROPATHOLOGY - "Psychoses: Concepts and The Biology Underlying These Phenomena"

Scientific program 30.01.2020.

Dear colleagues and young doctors,

The topic of the third day of CROSS 16 is neuropathology. The conversation about how changes in normal neurostructure manifest as diseases will be started by psychiatrist Aleksandar Savić who will hold a lecture on psychosis. 

Aleksandar Savić, MD is a consultant psychiatrist affiliated with Psychiatry Clinic Vrapče and is an assistant at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine. At CROSS16 he will give a lecture entitled "Psychoses – concepts and the biology underlying these phenomena ". We invite you to come learn about biological alterations that lead to psychoses and get to know social interpretations and consequences of these conditions, including prejudice and stigmas.

CROSS 16 Organizing committee 

CROSS16 / December 9 – 12, 2020