DAY 2 - NEUROPLASTICITY - "Neural Coding of Behaviour in the Rodent Associative Cortices"

Scientific program 09.11.2020.

Dear colleagues and young doctors,


We are very delighted to announce another lecturer at CROSS16 - Bartul Mimica who will give a lecture titled „Neural Coding of Behaviour in the Rodent Associative Cortices“.

Bartul Mimica completed his psychology degree at the University of Zagreb before taking up a Ph.D. position at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience in Norway. In his graduate work, he used a combination of electrophysiological, optogenetic, and computational methods to study how rat associative cortices encode naturalistic behaviors. A part of this project was published in Science magazine in November 2018, and he successfully defended his thesis in December 2019. 

At CROSS16 he will hold a lecture in which he will enlighten us about the burgeoning field of computational neuroethology, which is invested in making sense of large streams of data that offer a detailed quantitative account of animal behavior in conjunction with neural recordings and manipulations. 


Come to the lecture and learn how body posture is encoded in the brain cortex!

CROSS16 / December 9 – 12, 2020